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Burt's Bees Micro Site by RJ Schmidt
Burt’s Bees Micro Site, a photo by RJ Schmidt on Flickr.

During a introduction to Flash class we were given the task of designing a micro site for a collection of Burt’s Bees products. Embedded below are two still mockups for the micro site and links to the Flash-driven horizontal and vertical ads.
The project plays off of a bee’s hive theme. Each link from the main page would go to a more detailed page about a certain product or information on Burt’s Bees as a company.

Each of the banner ads are designed to tell the reader to just ‘Bee’ natural and to “Come Explore Our Hive” – inviting them to the micro site to find out more about Burt’s Bees.

>>Horizontal Flash Ad<<
>>Vertical Flash Ad<<

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Backyard Brawl Enter To Win by RJ Schmidt
Backyard Brawl Enter To Win, a photo by RJ Schmidt on Flickr.

This album includes examples of flyers and posters that I have created. Check back often for updates.

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15th Annual TVT Conference by RJ Schmidt
15th Annual TVT Conference, a photo by RJ Schmidt on Flickr.

The Television and Video Teacher Consortium holds an annual awards ceremony for area high school students to have their years works rewarded for outstanding work in one of 11 categories.

As a college sophomore I was asked to create the graphic templates to be used during the show. I used a simple background still from an editing program’s template loops and just changed the color for each category.

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RMU Live Graphics by RJ Schmidt
RMU Live Graphics, a photo by RJ Schmidt on Flickr.

During my sophomore year of college at Robert Morris University I was given the task to refresh the graphic templates used for the student-produced news. They were used for at least the next three years, even after I stopped being a student producer.

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