1 year ago

The Arrival – Zipcar Contest Winner

In early 2011 Zipcar was offering free driving credit to the winner of a national video contest. I recruited my friend Clark to show off the city of Pittsburgh and all of the cool ways the city just appears no matter how you enter the area.

Since I wasn’t an employee anymore but still a member I decided to enter, ended up winning, and used the credit to rent a car for the weekend!

1 year ago

City Traffic After Effects Project

Final Project for an Motion Graphics post-production class at Robert Morris University.

The goal was to take what we learned in Adobe After Effects and put it to use with some sort of cohesive storyline.

1 year ago

Solar Gard Commercial

Created during my internship with KDKA-TV’s Commercial Production Department.  For this project I was given control of script creation, finding the audio and visual elements, and gave suggestions that were used during the editing session.  Throughout the course of the project I was given feedback and direction to help shape the commercial into the final product that appeared on air.

1 year ago

Dunkin Donuts 10 second Commercial

Dunkin’ Donuts ordered an updated version of their “Wake Up Pittsburgh” commercial and I was given the task of completing their requests.

1 year ago

Nemacolin Woodlands – Mothers Day Commercials

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa ordered four commercials for their Mother’s and Father’s Day spa and resort specials – two 15 second and two 5 second billboards each.  I was able to write all four commercials but only able to fully produce the Mothers Day commercials before my internship ended.

1 year ago

Y108 ACM Promo

WDSY-FM Y108 is a Pittsburgh country radio station.  For the Academy of Country Music Awards the station was doing a promotion that would run during the airing of the ACM Awards.  I worked on shaping the script for both versions of the commercial, was present on the day of the shoot, helped design the look of the studio that served as the background for the commercial, and sat in on the edits to create the final product.

1 year ago

RMU Experience Contest

Robert Morris University held a contest among their students to create a video that described some aspect of the RMU Experience that they have experienced.  From working in the academic media center at the University I chose one of the on air student news anchors to talk about his positive experiences that came from working in the AMC.

My entry won the contest and I was featured on Robert Morris Universities homepage and YouTube page. Here is the story on the contest and my entry.

1 year ago

The first project for a field production class at Robert Morris University was completely open ended. Topic, length, style was complete up to us students as a way for the professor to gauge our current abilities and help structure the class.

I followed my roommate Clark and his cousin Andy to Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp on one of their trips to use their summer skiing ramp.

The ramp at the time was constructed out of wood and then covered with a white outdoor carpet.  Skiers and snowboarders of all levels could come to this artificial mountain and practice tricks, landing safely in a pool below.  An attendant would trigger one of 3 sets of jets under the water to bubble before the skiier would hit the water to break the surface tension to soften the fall.

Hit up the video on YouTube to learn more about the surface and see viewers reactions.

1 year ago

Center for Creative Play Commercial

This is public service announcement my group and I created for our final project in the Field Production class at Robert Morris University.

1 year ago

Mourning Morning After Effects Project

Third project for my Motion Graphics class.  Goal was to pick a poem or song lyrics and set it to music that is a different tone than the original – adding graphics to explain the lyrics.

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