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1 year ago

The Arrival – Zipcar Contest Winner

In early 2011 Zipcar was offering free driving credit to the winner of a national video contest. I recruited my friend Clark to show off the city of Pittsburgh and all of the cool ways the city just appears no matter how you enter the area.

Since I wasn’t an employee anymore but still a member I decided to enter, ended up winning, and used the credit to rent a car for the weekend!

1 year ago

Aquafresh Toothpaste Contest Entry

Contest entry for Aquafresh “Unexpected Source of Freshness” student video contest.

I got two friends of mine to act in this quick spot that I wrote and produced. The story of this spot is that this homeless man finds a tube of Aquafresh, does a quick touchup of his teeth and this successful businesswoman uses him as her source of freshness – something quick in the busy day.

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