Documentary Trip


During my last year of college I participated in a two-week documentary trip over late December 2008 and early January 2009.  A total of eight students from Robert Morris University traveled to Valparaiso, Chile to create three documentaries with topics on the culture of the area.   We used the fall semester before the trip to do pre-production work and the spring semester after to edit our footage and complete post-production duties.

Over that span of two weeks, my partner and I met with some interesting characters for our piece and turned 60 hours of video into a 16 minute video on the Plaza Anibal Pinto.

Day and Night: The Story of Plaza Anibal Pinto


I kept a blog about my experiences and thoughts on an almost daily basis to keep friends and family members updated and to give a sort of 'behind the scenes' look at my trip.  Please forgive all of the grammer and spelling errors, 90% of the entries were made on an iPod Touch and auto correct was still in its infancy.